What’s the Nutrition Story on Tacos?

Fiesta food might seem an indulgence but it need not be. Tacos can vary as much as any sandwich; the good news is some taco ingredients are VERY good for you.

No one thinks about dieting when they eat tacos. Tacos are tasty.

But tacos can be extremely healthy. Emphasis on “can be” and “healthy,” but not necessarily for the calorie-restricted diet. And the fillings and toppings can make a big difference in all kinds of ways: amount of protein, amount of salt, fiber, etc. But even though party planners favor using taco catering for easy-to-produce events, the nutrition-conscious guests probably know a thing or two about tacos as beneficial sustenance. To wit: read more

Cooling Meals For Hot Summer Days

Those hot summer days where you can’t escape the heat are the very last days you want a warm meal. We can attempt to escape the heat by changing what foods we choose to eat.

We crave cooling foods in the hot months, and warming foods in the cooler months. It’s amazing how our bodies know just what we need and just what it needs to achieve balance. So make sure to listen to your body this summer and feed it what it’s asking for – more cooling foods.

Here are a few of my simple, cool meals that I love to have in the Summer… read more