Several Foods That Promote Health Naturally

There are many different foods that promote health naturally that many people are unaware of. Just by switching up our diet a little and incorporating some of these items into our everyday regimens we can help treat or even prevent certain health conditions.

Red grapes – Red grapes contain an ingredient that protects against the cartilage damage that can cause back pain.

Ginger – Ginger can reduce inflammation and help ease chronic knee pain.

Soy – Edamame and other soy products contain anti-inflammatory agents. read more

How To Get Protein From Plants

If you’re like most people, you may think that the best place to get protein is in meat and other animal products. That’s the question every vegetarian/vegan gets… “but where do you get your protein?” It’s certain that many people may not know of non-meat protein options, so I’m here to share some alternative options.

Plant-based protein is just that – protein found in plant-based foods. So, where does this protein come from? What foods contain it?

Here are a few plant-based foods that are excellent protein sources: read more

Purchase Nutritious Ingredients Without Leaving Your Home

Though it is a newer idea, many individuals are purchasing their groceries online for the convenience factor. If you do some basic research, you may find that some of your favorite grocery stores are offering food delivery straight to your home. This can be a great way to avoid spending the time and energy going to your local super market and shopping for what you need. However, depending on your area, it can still be difficult to find certain ingredients that meet your specific dietary needs.

Luckily, healthy grocery stores are becoming more and more prevalent online. This option can be a great way to supplement your traditional groceries or do the majority of your grocery shopping. There are countless reasons why doing your shopping from the comfort of your own home can quickly become your go to way of purchasing your groceries. The main reason is obviously the convenience. read more

Buy a Delicious New Superfood to Add to Your Diet

It can sound unusual to add pollen to your diet, as it is often unheard of compared to honey. However, it is a completely natural byproduct of the insect that is packed with nutritious value. The first thing to think about before purchasing is where exactly it comes from. A plant’s anthers produce pollen, which is then collected by the bees. This then mixes with a secretion of nectar and carried to the hive where it is placed inside the honeycomb cells.

To harvest the pollen, beekeepers will place traps on the hives. As the insects return, they are forced to go through these traps, which will take part of the pollen and often leads to the insects returning to the flowers to collect more. This will quickly add up to many granules which will be sold through health food stores to customers. You will then be able to purchase the granules and add them into your daily diet. read more

Add the Miracle of Coconut Into Your Daily Healthcare Routine

The first step in trying coconut oil, is finding the perfect kind for your needs. The absolute best product on the market will be organic and virgin. Obviously, organic products are a better option because they are the most natural. This means that there will be no added chemicals or ingredients that make the product less safe.

Many do not understand the difference between virgin and refined products. Simply put, a virgin coconut oil will be extracted from the fresh milk of the fruit and will be left unrefined. Regular products will be made from copra, which is the dried kernel of the fruit. The copra is pressed, extracting the oil which is then refined, bleached, and deodorized. read more

Healthy Eating – Three Ways To Include Coconut Products In Your Eating Plan

If you are looking for a healthy fat source to include in your eating plan, you just cannot go wrong with coconut oil. More and more people are learning the many benefits coconut has to offer including…

  • an improved immune system response,
  • enhanced calorie burning, and
  • improved heart health.

But, despite knowing of these benefits, some people are still not including coconut-based foods in their eating plan merely because they are not sure how. That is all about to change. Let us look at three interesting ways you can use coconut products in your eating plan so you can harness the benefits this food has to offer.1. Add Dried Coconut Flakes To A Bowl Of Oatmeal. If you eat the same bland bowl of oatmeal every morning, chances are you could use some excitement. Coconut flakes are an excellent way to add some crunchy texture to this bowl of food and enhance the flavor in a hurry. read more

Eat Healthy Without Spending More

A frequent excuse for not eating healthier foods is that it costs more. Harvard School of Public Health researched this common complaint and found that the healthiest diets, rich in fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts, did indeed cost about $1.50 per day more than the least healthy diet, full of refined grains and processed foods. This extra $550 per person, per year can certainly be a burden on an already tight budget, especially for families. When you have limited money for food, it is natural to gravitate towards foods that will provide the most calories per dollar and fill you up. This may be why the highest rates of obesity are found in lower income groups. read more

Superfoods Every Woman Needs

Nutrition needs for women are different than for men. Women need fewer calories, yet require more of several nutrients. Hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life places her at increased risk of anemia and weakened bones. Many women fall short of their daily nutritional requirements and rely on supplements. But supplements really can’t compensate for an unbalanced or unhealthy diet.

Here are some foods that will help every woman meet her unique needs at various stages in her life.

Pump up your iron: One of the main reasons for fatigue in women is anemia. Blood loss through monthly menstruation can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Women aged 19-50 should get 18 mg of iron daily in their diet. Lentils are an excellent source, providing 30% of that in just 1 cup. One ounce of pumpkin seeds will contribute 23%. Lean beef is another good source for iron, with 3 ounces providing 18%. Adequate vitamin C in the diet is essential to help the body absorb iron. read more